Ghost soldiersEdit

Ghost soldiers are weak troops with a weak attack, they shoot small blasts of spiritiul energy and the jump away. Ghost soldiers are very fast and are hard to hit.

Wave ghost soldiersEdit

Wave ghost soldiers are stronger versions of the ghost soldier. The wave soldiers shoots waves of spiritiul energy, the waves pass strait through there targets applying heavy damage to the target. they are much slower then ghost soldiers.


The wall is a tall hollow sqaure of titanium with no top.


Shade is the commander of the spirits of earth, he is a powerful ghost soldier. Shade was a soldier for the cross alliance before he died. Now shade and many ghost soldiers have been resurected to stop the wars on earth.

Cyclops walkerEdit

This war machine is about medium sized. The cyclops walker has two legs, a circuler head/body, a large cannon, and 2 energy machine guns, The cannon shoots large shells powered with spiritiul energy, and the energy machine guns rapidly fire small, compresses, spiritiul energy bullets.

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