name descriptoin Strength Project time
Titanium Titanium is a gray color and is a the basic resource. 4 10 days=2 pieces
Energetium Energetium is a yellowish metal and is restant to all enrgy based attacks 2 2 days=4 pieces
Ferrotanium Ferrotanium is silvery black. it is magnetic and attracs all metals making it great for traps. 4 1 day=1 piece
Blastite Blastite is a yellowish color. its very volitile, and if you make a mine or bomb with it you dont have to research it. 1 2 days=1piece
Crystalite Crystalite is a clear flexible metal. when polished it reflects light well. 5 6 days=7 peices
Acidium Acidium is a light green color. it is a acid like metal. it is a liqiud at room tempature. N/A 3 days=5 peices
Firium Firium is a red metal. Firium is resistent to all fire attacks 3 1days=2 peices
Aqium Aqium is a dark blue metal. Aqium is resistent to all water based attacks. 3 1 days=2 peices
Refined Acidium when refined acidium is a dark green color and much harder and resists acid. 5 3 days=4 peices
refined blastite Refined Blastite is a orange color. it is much harder and resists explosions 4 3 day=1 pieces
Steelium Steelium is a lot like steel. 4 2 days= 3 pieces
Stainless steelium Stainless stelium is much stronger and it resistent to much of the elmental attacks 6 2 days=1 piece
gold Gold is yellow heavy and conducts eletricity well. 1 15 days=1 pieces
silver silver is a silver color its also heavy but not as much as gold and conducts eletricity well. 1 5 days=1piece
platinum Platinum is harder than gold rarer and is much better for making ornamental items out of because its completely corrosion resistant 2 30 days=1 piece
metium Metium is a snow whit color and is super hard and resists almost any attack. 7 10 days=1 piece

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